Streamline your hospitality business while boosting revenue and profits.

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Easy Inventory

Manage your entire inventory process with ease. Reduce waste, save time, and increase profits!

Easy counting without mental math

Fully customizable inventory list

Use multiple units for single items

Streamline Your Inventory


Drive down COGS while sticking with your favorite vendors. Restock with the lowest prices in one user-friendly place.

Easily check what needs restocking

We do the work to find the best prices

Set order rules to suit your preferences

Start Saving on Orders


Gain relevant insights that drive profits and reduce waste. See inventory use, purchasing trends, and more at a glance!

Analyze your chosen KPI's at a glance

View your historical data in a digestible way

Use our defaults or create your own

Get More From Your Data


For FREE, craft a cohesive marketing strategy made for the modern hospitality business. Guided by industry experts.

Learn how to leverage social media

Bring more customers in the door from online

Get a complete marketing guide for free

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Custom App

Enhance your customer ordering experience to increase brand awareness and keep customers coming back.

Finally ditch DoorDash & GrubHub

Allow customers to easily order online

Fit with loyalty rewards, gift cards, and more

Get More Customer Orders

We know what you might be thinking...

What is onboarding like? Loading in all of my data sounds tedious.
I have a large team. How many users can I add?
Is it available for Apple and Android?
Can I use any of the vendors I already order from?
How do I download it?
I have a unique way of organizing my inventory. Is this fully customizable?

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