It’s Month End…. SHIT!  I need inventory counts to keep selling!

If you are like me and countless other hospitality industry professionals, then you most likely had this thought over the last few days.  The end of another month usually means a long night or early morning of inventory, hours spent with spreadsheets, count sheets, scales, and your invoices.

It’s not a good feeling when after all of that, you find out your costs were higher than you hoped and it’s too late to do anything about it.  Or maybe you are just too under to count at all and so you have no clue what your food cost, alcohol cost, or restaurant supplies cost was…. Either way, the end of each month is always a trying time for our industry-- but it doesn’t have to be!

Its 2022, why are you still walking around with a clipboard and pen to count your inventory?  Is it stressful figuring out what items you have, what items you need, what your costs are, etc.? Do you enjoy writing down your counts and then sitting down with a calculator or entering them into a spreadsheet?  I get it-- you are a masochist, you work in hospitality-- but wouldn’t you rather spend your 12-16 hour day doing what you love as opposed to punching in numbers?

As a chef, I hated doing inventory. Trying to find the extra back ribs my prep cook put in the wrong walk-in, writing down weights of large chunks of cows and then trying to add them up later, searching for every box of kosher salt the servers had hidden in drawers, all of it!  

Inventory is a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to hurt as much as it does. Hospitality Innovations has created easy-to-use Inventory software that allows you to access, count, and always KNOW your inventory.

The app is accessible on your mobile phone, tablet, and computer.  You can give access to all your employees and limit their permissions, only allowing them to count their departments.  You can generate easy to read reports and track inventory over time, do analysis, see waste, manage margins, and no longer feel like crawling into a hole at the end of each month!

Change is hard, spending money is hard, running a restaurant is really, really hard… so stop making it harder on yourself!  Know your inventory, know your cost of goods sold, know your waste, and most importantly know that you are doing the right thing for your business.  

Hospitality Innovations’ Inventory application will save you more time and money than you can count (see what I did there) and will give you back control of your operation.  Schedule a demo with us today and don’t let another month go by without making your life just a little bit easier.