What do you call a stolen yam?  

A hot potato.  

It has been an unseasonably warm summer across the country and these unfavorable weather conditions have led to a decline in overall yields across Russet and Baker’s potatoes. With the weather also affecting the storage crop shelf life and quality, supply problems worsen.

On the other hand, the Pacific Northwest has been colder and rainier than usual (hard to believe, I know) and the potato crop is 1-2 weeks behind because of this. The lack of supply has led to an average increase in Russet and Baker’s potato prices of 35% from their normal levels.  Price has become secondary to supply as the supply gaps have made it harder to get the potatoes you may need.  Its quickly approaching the point where you better be ready to take any size potato or color if you want spuds on the menu!

It’s not all bad news and certainly not time to start stealing potatoes!  However, it might be time to start looking for suitable alternatives until the pricing and supply levels stabilize.  Maybe now is the time to start running baked sweet potatoes or mashed red potatoes. That would not only save you money, but it would also save you the headache of trying to track down Russets!  

With supply chain issues affecting potatoes and many other important ingredients, you may be hoping it was easier to place orders. With the Hospitality Innovations Inventory and Order Management Application, you would simply need to select the potatoes you want to buy next, and we’ll do the rest.

Our ordering system helps you find the best price on all products and their substitutes. This not only saves you money, but also the time and headache that goes with supply chain issues.  Schedule your 1 on 1 demo with us to learn more about the app here!

Bonus potato jokes:

What’s a potato’s favorite movie?

Silence of the Yams.

I met a girl who owned three french-fry factories.

I was impressed, but to her it was just small potatoes.

What do you call a fake potato?

An imi-tater.

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