The days are once again getting shorter and with that comes a whole host of changes. However, one you might have forgotten about is the decline in the green onion supply.  I know, I know, not the sexiest or happiest of topics, but certainly one that will affect your restaurant and recipes!  

The high heat that is typical this time of year leads to a reduction in seed germination and hurts the available harvest yield.  It also makes sizing consistency a real pain in the…. You probably just assumed that since green onions look like weeds, they must grow like weeds too, but they are susceptible to scarcity just like anything else.  

In case you haven’t left your kitchen this summer… it has been a scorcher!  The high temperatures have led to a significantly tighter green onion market due to severe field loss and a lower than forecasted supply.  Supply is forecasted to be down 25%-35% and some shippers say it might go as far as 50% down.

As growers try to adjust to the new demand created on the backend of the pandemic, supply chain issues, and higher than normal temperatures, products are bound to become scarce.  A few weeks ago it was potatoes, now it’s green onions, let’s just hope bacon isn’t next!

As supply drops, prices will inevitably rise, and depending on your need for scallions this could have a major impact on your already struggling food cost!  So how can you combat these constant price hikes and supply shortages while keeping your establishment in the green (pun intended)?

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