Everybody is about to be doing a lot of cooking soon! Whether you’re a home cook taking charge of Thanksgiving or a restaurant chef looking for some more tips, we have some handy cooking tricks for you. All of these tips come directly from professional chefs, so you’re about to get some real insider knowledge here.

1. Toast those nuts, spices, and grains!

This one could make your Thanksgiving feast even more flavorful. Toasting nuts will add extra crunch, toasting your spices enhances the aroma/taste, and toasting your grains before cooking adds subtle smokiness.

2. We all need a rest... Let your meat rest before cooking

Letting meat sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before cooking will speed up the cooking process and help keep a more even temperature throughout the meat. Remembering to pull your meat out of the fridge or freezer 30 minutes early will definitely pay off!

3. Add olive oil to butter (Trust us on this one)

When sautéing butter, adding a bit of olive oil will give you a higher smoke temp. This means you won’t burn the butter as quickly, allowing you to reach higher temperatures and save time while cooking. We all know that having a little extra time is especially needed during Thanksgiving cooking.

4. Take a chill pill... Cool your food before placing in fridge/freezer

After everyone is done mowing down on the great feast that’s been prepared, don’t forget to let the leftovers cool off before placing them in the fridge or freezer. Putting warm food into the fridge or freezer can increase the temperature in there, which is not good for those perishables.

5. If you’re a restaurant chef, use an inventory/ordering management app

This is an important time of year to have a good grasp of the ingredients you have on hand, as well as easily restock what you’re short of. Hospitality Innovations is the mobile and web hospitality management app that can do it all. The app can help you keep track of your ingredients, place orders, generate inventory reports, manage your team, and more.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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